Room Divider As The Best Inspiration

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My friend asking me about something different for his house. At the first time I just give him a joke that I am an Interior Designer. Just give him unplanned advises, I tell him try to use room divider. He look happy with my advise, he promise me that he will realized it soon. And then I forget it. Few days I work at usual, my friend calling me. He invite me to visit his new home remodeling. As he know that I am not to busy after office hour end. I think that I can visit him for a while. I have no work at home.

This is first time I visit to my old friend. Last time I visit him when we are in primary school. Therefor, the location not here. As I know, he work as consulate for our country. He is active in some of important trade negotiation with some countries. He have good reputation with it. Sometime I laugh when I remember that we are so bad when we treat him stupidly. I really sorry for it.

When I arrived at his house. I knock the door and he outside. First time I entered his house, I feel comfortable house. The victorian style but the interior is cool. We will use this ideas for stylish home. Then I walking inside, the waitress is accompany me.

I think his house is wonderful. Although he is not married yet, but I can see that he is neat person. Everything is alright. I can see some of room divider from that building. In front room he use simple room divider. Another divider use metal and black color.

I can tell a lie. He is wonderful person. Look at his bedroom. I coming from the door, when my eyes steal a glance for his bedroom, I can see the cabinet can be used for room divider too. He use book organizer to divide his bedroom. He want a study room inside his bedroom.

Sometime we use high clarity, we need this ideas to create our home more adorable. This part as important thing. He know about it. I can stop to desire his home. So, cool and modern. The room divider can be use for decoration too.

Finally I stop in guess room, it is so cool and awesome. Modern style and contemporary become one. The room divider is good.  I am interesting to applied it too for our home. This room divider will make our room more desirable and exclusive.

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