Arabic SEO and Localization



Arabic Internet e-commerce and on-line media is a significant, expanding market segment with great potential for localized, Arabic search engine optimization (SEO) and Arabic search engine marketing (SEM). The majority of websites aimed at Arabic markets are still in English, which means that you have less competition and an opportunity to dominate your sector if you localize your web content into Arabic with optimized Arabic SEO. If you follow the right SEO strategy when localizing your website, you will achieve the highest ranking with Arabic search engines.


In past old days there was only a little awareness about internet and its importance so as was that of SEO services for web-promotion. Only a few SEO companies were there and were working finely as applying their expertise knowledge about how rankings are achieved using the techniques used at that time best known to them. As it is now at that time also everything wasn't clear about what matters more and what less in eyes of search engine.


A proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan should always start with installing a mechanism to track visitors, commonly called Analytics.  Most search engines have free tools that can be used for this purpose, Google Analytics as an example. These web-based tracking programs work by placing a snippet of HTML code on each of the web pages you would like to track your visitors.