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We know exactly that our bedroom is our favor room in our house. We spend long time in this room. Maybe you take TV or Music Console inside your bedroom. With more pleasure like that, it is reasonable if our bedroom is our favor room. As we know too, many part for our bedroom. Maybe you have a bathroom inside your bedroom, studying room, or closet room. Maybe you have one of that example or maybe you have all of it.

Let’s talking about closet room, what is it? It is a small room inside our bedroom, we usually use it for store or organize our clothes. We have good addition for our home with it. This is a good idea for our room. This closet room can be replaced with a cupboard. But, still the best if you had a closet room.

For many reason, we can make this approach to make sure ourself. This brilliant ideas will be nice when it applied at the right place and the right time. With this ideas, we can remodel it with new ideas. As we know our self should be give and totally care. Because life is so colorful.

We can make our bedroom more clean, more neat and also more comfortable. The right choice for us. We can see that our bedroom, not just good for sleeping, but it can be our destiny. Without this room, we still alive, but with this room, our life is become colorful.

Many models for this closet room, but still have good choice if you have own design. Maybe you should call your professional to get some advises. We will get the pleasure with it.

Closet Organizer Beautiful Enjoyment

We have right choice to make our home more adorable. Few weeks ago, my friend call me from his vacation. She visit her family in Europe, more exactly in Rome, Italy. She give me a video how nice she is with her family. She looks so happy, and tell me that I have a fool guy, because I refuse invitation to accompany her couple weeks before. I just laugh, and thousand times told her that I couldn’t. I have something to do. And it really important. She sad about it. She really want me to join her. I feel sorry because I should to be in hospital with my father, he got abdominal cancer with chemotherapy. 
In her video she told me that she want to remodel her house. She need my help to give her and idea. She shown me an example, she record a closet room in her hotels. She want have it at home. I promise to her that I could help her. She looks happy for it.
I just thinking the right idea and the best idea for it. I really confuse with few picture below, which one is the best?

We can starting it with calm color, with nice gradation. Not just an organizer, this is our lifestyle.

Thank you for pay attention.

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