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Bandung is my city. I live in this city since I graduate from Nursing Academy in Tasikmalaya, a small city in West Java Province. I remember that I graduate in 2002. It is meant that I have lived in Bandung for more than one decade. Of course I know more details about this city. It is nice for me.

As I know, Bandung is one of favor destination for local or international tourists. We have uniqueness. Generally, every city in Indonesia have each uniqueness. Bandung is famous by unique and historical architecture, it also famous as art city. We also called Bandung as culinary paradise. Many creation of traditional food become national or international food.

Do you know “Cireng”? A food made from Cassava flour. With filled by traditional joy food, or many modern filled like cheese, sausage or many else. Cooked fried. Another traditional food for snack is “Cilok”, an flour ball, cooked steamed. With traditional sauce, make this food is favorable for every one in West Java, even these food become national food.

I think many taste and presentation about this traditional food. Cireng and cilok is our food mascot, when you talk about Bandung, you talking about Cireng or Cilok too. People in all area in Indonesia, want to visit Bandung, because they want to tasting this traditional food from Bandung. Maybe in more area people can create or make this food. But, the original taste is just here. In Bandung.

I can share a little of pictures about Cireng and Cilok. You should visit our city to get the details. I can be your guide when you visit to Bandung. Just contact me.

Here the some pictures about Cilok, Oh, god…it’s amazing!

The picture below is all about Cireng. Hmmm… that’s yummy!!

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